Shoes & Brews COVID-19 Updates

Hello all, 

In taking steps to protect our community, Shoes & Brews has made the difficult decision to make some changes in the way that we do business. 

We hope that in making these changes we can all see a healthy return to normalcy here in the near future.  We appreciate everyone doing their part and appreciate the support of the community during this time. 

Starting today March 16th, 2020:  

SHOES: will be open from 12-6 PM daily for one-on-one fit appointments, curbside pickup, delivery within City of Longmont and phone/virtual fit appointments. 

BREWS: will be open from 12-6 PM daily for carryout only. You will see an updated beer list on our website and on our BREWS side door within the next day. 

Postponement of all upcoming events:

We have made the decision to cancel and postpone any upcoming events.

This includes all SOCIAL runs, meetups and the upcoming CollaBEERation 5k & Brew Fest. 

Our hope is that as our community takes steps to keep one another safe that we will see a return to normalcy in the near future and an ability to update our events and reschedule dates for upcoming events.

CollaBEERation is currently postponed to TBD Summer 2020, 

SOCIAL runs and any additional in-store weekly events are currently cancelled until the time when we feel it is safe to resume.  We will keep everyone as up-to-date as we can as things become more clear over the next weeks. 

Weekly SOCIAL runs: 

We are currently working to create an online/virtual space where we can continue to support and interact with one another!

For most of us, running is more than social, it is also an outlet to keeping ourselves mentally and physically healthy. And we believe, more than ever, that keeping these healthy habits will help our community as a whole stay stronger. We want to still be a partner in our community and continue to help promote this part of your lives. 

Watch for more information from us soon as we set-up some virtual high-fives and hopefully online interaction to support one another! 

Thank you for your support! Thank you for understanding. Thank you for taking steps to keep our communities safe. 

Stay safe, run on!

Cheers – 

Shoes & Brews