Want to determine the price of your beer?  Enter the Shoes & Brews 800m challenge!  The time you run is the price of your beer!

Run a 3:30.45, the price of your beer is $3.30.

If your name is on our leader board when you come back in your first beer is the price you ran!

The route is an out and back, the turn around point is a keg!  We host four 800M challenge events a year.  During these events we’ll have multiple heats throughout the day.  Entry is free!  Keep an eye on our social media for the event dates/details.

No worries if you can’t make one of the challenge dates, you can still run as long as we have enough people on staff and aren’t too busy.  You can also email info@shoesbrews.com if you know you’ll be visiting on a specific day to schedule a time to run.

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