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8 Reasons to Move to Longmont, CO
June 8, 2018 – Posted by Livability – Sarah Kuta

With a lively downtown, innovative craft breweries and ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, this city is one of Colorado’s true hidden gems. Though Longmont sometimes gets overlooked, it’s a fabulous place to live (just ask its 90,000 residents!). More

Tour de brew: Shoes & Brews
March 19, 2018 – Posted by SNEWS – Kristen Kuchar

The inspiration behind Shoes & Brews began in an all too common scene, especially in Colorado. A trio of friends at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, during one of their regular Saturday runs to local breweries, discussed starting a running shop with a taproom attached. More

Tour de brew: Shoes & Brews
April 5, 2017 – Posted by Boulder Weekly – Michael J. Casey

There is something that has been weighing on my mind these days, and it’s my weight. More and more of it seems to show up and to be frank, I’m not sure why. As far as I’m concerned, I’m a model of healthy living. More

Beer and Running: How these two Passions Intersect
Nov 23, 2016 – Posted by Saucony – Jason Schmierer

Meet this great store Shoes & Brews, located in Longmont, CO, owned and Operated by Colin and Ashlee Anderson. More

Beer and Running: How these two Passions Intersect
September 2, 2016 – Posted by Competitor Running – Brian Metzler

Shoes and Brews opened in Longmont, Colo., in late July as the first full-fledged beer and running operation in the U.S. It was started by a group of runners (including three former collegiate runners) who have an inkling for beer and sensed a business opportunity. More

Boulder County Beer Run: Running and Brews make a good team
July 13, 2016 – Posted by Daily Camera – Aimee Heckel

It might seem like an unlikely pairing: running and a glass of beer. In fact, that’s a common response Ashlee Anderson gets from new patrons to her nanobrewery-slash-running-hangout Shoes and Brews in Longmont. More

Longmont Breweries to Collaborate on Habitat for Humanity Build
March 21, 2016 – Posted by Times-Call – Brett Callwood

While the many breweries in and around Longmont are hardly at one another’s throats, any amount of industry competition will be put to one side while nine of them collaborate on a Habitat for Humanity build, wittily named The House That Beer Built. More

Earning Your Beer: Fitness & Craft Beer in Boulder County
February 4, 2016 – Posted by Eat Drink Boulder – Lisa Grove

True to its name, Shoes & Brews in Longmont is one part running shoe store and one part craft brewery and taproom, offering a social environment where these two activities and passions can be combined and thrive. More

Making a beer run
August 13, 2015 – Posted by Boulder Weekly – Grace Boyle

Cheers and clapping come from the road as two eager runners take off in a sprint in the 800-meter road challenge for Shoes and Brews in Longmont. More

Alumni build community, one pint and one pair of shoes at a time
March 12, 2015 – Posted by AlumLine CSU – Ben Fogelberg

The business concept’s generating buzz locally and nationally—stories have run everywhere from beer blogs and the Longmont Times Call to Runners’ World magazine. Each article praises the “mullet concept”: business in the front (the shoes), party in the back (brews). But the concept’s much more than a totally awesome ’80s metaphor: it’s about creating community. More

A Bruising Cruise With The Shoes And Brews Crew
March 5, 2015 – Posted by Longmont Compass

I confess to kid-in-a-candy-store syndrome as I wandered about Shoes And Brews. Clean, spacious, and stuffed with running gear, running gizmos, running shoes – and beer. More

Beer & Running: A Running Store With 20 Beer Taps
November 26, 2014 – Posted by

Many running shops have happy hour runs and offer post-run beers, and there are also many breweries with an interest in running—including brew pubs that host regular group runs or produce running-themed beers—but Shoes & Brews is a one of a kind in the running world. More

On Tap Locally
September 23, 2014 – Posted by 300 Suns Brewing

Shoes & Brews has done it up right. Not only are they truly wonderful folks, but they have a kick-@#$ establishment (a brewpub plus a shoe store) that is comfortable, fun and has a great beer line-up. More

Shoes and Brews | Longmont, CO
August 12, 2014 – Posted by

More than simply noticing the need for a speciality shoe store, everyone involved in Shoes and Brews is involved with running in one way or another. More

Shoes & Brews is in the Running for Best Store Ever
Posted by StickerGiant

What if you were to find out that the shoe store is also a taproom serving over 20 of Colorado’s finest craft beers? You’d be out the door before we could say “microbrew.” More

Longmont’s Shoes & Brews grand opening this weekend
July 24, 2014 – Posted by Times-Call

A combination running store and microbrewery might sound like a strange idea to some, but the founders of Longmont’s new Shoes & Brews say it makes perfect sense to them. More

Does This Running Store Have a Drinking Problem?
July 22, 2014 – Posted by Blood Sweat & Cheers

Combining two of our favorite activities, a group of (uncertified) geniuses in Colorado have married running and drinking together under one roof. More

Shoes & Brews to combine running, craft beer
June 18, 2014 – Posted by Coloradoan

If you’ve ever enjoyed a cold one while getting your bike tuned, you can probably imagine doing the same while trying out new running shoes. That’s what a pair of former Colorado State University runners are betting on as they open Shoes & Brews in Longmont in July. More

Shoes and Brews pioneers new store
June 16, 2014 – Posted by Draft Magazine

A while ago I decided if I ever win the lottery, I’m going to open a craft beer and running shoe store called The Beer Run. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to win the lottery. And in the meantime, another store has beat me to the finish line with this business model. More

This Running Store Serves Beer — Yes, Really
June 14, 2014 – Posted by Refinery29

There’s a magical running store opening in Colorado next month that will sell you sneakers and serve you a pint. The shop, Shoes & Brews, will have a taproom with 20+ Colorado craft beers, a one-barrel brewing system, and locally prepared grub. More

Colorado Running Store with Tap Room to Open in July
June 12, 2014 – Posted by Runner’s World

Sipping on a post-run pint surrounded by your running friends – doesn’t get much better than that, right? Now, imagine you could ponder the beer list, one that includes, say, a Prefontaine Pilsner or Jogger Lager, and snag a new pair of shoes or a tech shirt, all under the same roof. More